That was the question that came to me via our text phone (470-4817) this morning.  The listener was talking about the Fairfield Eagles against Manhattan and I certainly would not disagree that at least in Class B, it might be the biggest game in the State.

The reason we're not broadcasting, however, is not really due to a lack of sponsorship as our listener asked.  The real reason is that KSEN/K96 FM has 9 teams that are called Sportsclub teams.   All of the teams have numerous sponsors that sign on for the season and at the same time we guarantee a certain number of broadcasts in all sports.   As you might expect we have to provide them with coverage that we guaranteed.

Fairfield isn't one of our sportsclub teams, although we very much wish they could  be, but adding them after all of these others have been with us for years would do nothing but create more problems because we don't have room.   The other factor is that during evening and night time hours the Fairfield area doesn't receive our AM signal, forcing us to put their games on  FM only which is already occupied by three other sportsclub teams in the same situation.   Those would be Browning, Heart Butte, Chester, and Choteau.

Of course has been so dominant in recent years that by the time they advance to late in the playoffs and other teams are eliminated, we carry almost all of their games.   I really wish we had a better solution, but I just don't know one right now.

Any thoughts?