I'm an animal lover & I submit that animal lovers of EVERY age will get hooked by the new George Ostrom book! The book is, Yum Yoogle Snook Wild Beastie Book," & this unusual book written & produced by the Flathead Valley's George Ostrem, was just released by one of our premier & MY favorite) Montana book publishers, Farcountry Press down in Helena. Mr. Ostrem is one of the "Deans of Montana broadcasting, not to mention a longtime columnist for the Hungry Horse News, a newsman/radio personality, photographer, University of Montana Distinguished Alumni, & an inductee/member of the Montana Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Yum Yoogle Snook Wild Beastie Book" is an unusual book because Mr. Ostrem's unique approach & style is new & surprising. I mean we're talking a "Living Legend" with a knowledge of nature because of his close association with wild creatures in the world. That's not a stretch after working all these years in the swinging, swirling world of the radio biz. One of my "other hero's, Montana Senior U.S. Senator Max Baucus, barks, "I can think of no one better qualified to write about our wildlife friends." Check out this delightful & FUN read from Farcountry Press & Sweetgrass Books at: www.sweetgrassbooks.com. I'm a longtime big fan of Mr. Ostrem's radio work. I try to catch him on the stream in the mornings, & as often as I listen, I have NEVER heard him say, Yum Yoogle Snook" on the air, but somehow I feel it would make a great sign off when he's done reading his morning newscast. I WILL have to say that "Yum Yoogle Snook" gave me a GREAT headline for my Puffman Blog!

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