I was at the Marias Heritage Center last evening (Tuesday) reading Montana History. "Pioneer Doctor".What a great book! We've completed 19 chapters and have 2 left to go plus the epilogue and we should conclude this saga next week. This story of a lady doctor in the old west out here in Montana has been a real romp! So many changes. Dr. Mollie was not only active in medicine, but also bringing women the right to vote and that was no easy struggle. Talk about being tenacious...Dr. Mollie and many other women, including our own Jeanette Rankin, fought long and hard and were successful in the end, but not without some real bumpy roads along the way. World War I comes and goes and last evening we read about the worst outbreak of the flu EVER! I had no idea! So many fatalities, here in Montana and across the country. I believe Philadelphia had something like 34,000 fatalities, not to mention the numerous deaths here in Montana alone! TB was also running rampant with no cure in sight. Galen Hospital came into being during these times. We have a long way to go in many ways but in other ways, we have come so far. How's that for "profound". That's why I write blogs...I'm the Puffman.

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