I'll be giving away the book that was the Non Fiction GOLD Book Awards WINNER tomorrow (Saturday) morning on Puffman Sports Trivia! The book is, "Conquering Concussion: Healing TBI Symptom With Neurofeedback and Without Drug." Kirkus Reviews raves about this well researched gem by Mary Lee Esty, Ph.D. & C.M. Shifflett. Trust me, it's all here! Health/Brain/Concussion/Treatment. Check out the book at: www.ConqueringConcussion.net, & then listen to WIN! I've done it again & come up with a real sports stumper on Washington National pitcher Max Scherzer whom I never heard of until I looked up this question. See you Saturday morning at 7:30 on Jerry "Sports Brackets" Puffman's Sports Trivia.

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