The "Team" at Wallethub who appears to have more time on their hands than I do, has done it again. With today (Thursday) being National Coffee Day, these geniuses have put their noses to the GRIND-stone & researched 2016's Best Cities for Coffee Lovers. They didn't stop there either...they also compiled a list of top retailers offering the best discounts on their coffee during this holiday. Portland, Oregon, has been rated #1 of the Top 20 Cities with Miami, Florida, at the bottom of the Top 20. Whoa! It gets even better... Louisville, Kentucky, where the average price for a cappuccino is $2.83, turns out to be 1.7 times lower than in Honolulu, where only Donald Trump could afford a $4.69 cappuccino. I suspect Mr.Trump was there at one time looking into Mr Obama's birth certificate! Portland has the MOST coffee shops, coffeehouses & cafes per 100,000 residents while Orlando, Florida, has the most DONUT shops per 100,000 residents. I would assume Mr.Trump was down there also checking out the womens' weights! Me? I love a good cup of Joe in the mornings although the one I'm drinking as I write this Puffman Blog tastes like MUD. No wonder, it was only "ground" yesterday. What I want to know is, "How do you get a job working for Wallethub? Happy National Coffee Day! Head over and take a look at their article HERE