The Gabby Cabby, aka, the Wacky Hacky, aka Peter Franklin, will be joining me this afternoon (Thursday) at a quarter to 5 & Pete has some great True Tales. One involves how you move/transport a mattress in the "Big City". The Gab Man says that's it's easier to move a mattress on the subway system as opposed to paying for a U-Haul there's NO parking ticket(!) according to Pete. He even has a cool picture on his website ( of a typical New Yorker moving his mattress via way of the city subway system. I read a book once about former President Bill Clinton that said when Clinton was back in high school or just out of high school (I can't remember which), that he cruised around Arkansas in a pickup truck with a mattress in the back(!) That's a story for another day & another Puffman Blog. Getting back to the driver of the yellow conveyance lounge...Pete claims there are more than 80,000 kids in New York City that have a parent in the slammer. That's SAD. No worries, I suspect that somehow 'ol Pete will put a "happy spin" on this one along with all his other True Tales this afternoon at 4:45. See you then.