I'm blogging AND LOL-ing with Laura Fahrenthold's new read, & Fahrenthold is fabulous! The book is, "The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles." It's a "love story" for sure. I mean to tell you, "a widow, two eyeball rolling teenagers, a stray dog & an RV...it doesn't get much better! "The Pink Steering Wheel Chronicles" presents a moving portrait of life, marriage, motherhood & mourning, all told with unflinching honesty. Suddenly widowed & with 2 young daughters, author & journalist Laura Fahrenthold recounts her courageous & healing journey across the United States & Canada as she sought answers to her loss & comfort in her grief. We're talking Laura's adventures & misadventures, her deeply-layered love story, & her hilarious slice-of-life dispatches during her 30,152 mile road trip. I strongly encourage you to check out this wonderful tome from Hatherleigh Publishing at: www.hatherleighpress.com, & then get ready for some summertime riveting reading! Like I like to say, "RV having FUN now or WHAT!"

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