Normally we would never write about Justin Bieber, but when we came across a news headline entitled ‘Justin Bieber’s Balls Have Dropped,’ well, we couldn’t help but think it’s time for him to channel his inner Bon Scott and start working on an AC/DC covers album.

According to a story in Billboard, the young pop star was having trouble hitting the high notes while recording a duet with Mariah Carey (holy cow, can’t wait to hear that one, eh?) for his upcoming Christmas album. “That was the hardest song to do,” he said, “A year ago that would have been no problem.”

This of course is the natural result of puberty. Beiber’s voice has broken, he’s 17, that makes sense. The funny part is the blunt language with which his manager, Scooter Braun, addressed the issue: “Vocally, his balls have dropped.” Or, as a Def Jam executive more politely puts it, “His voice has blossomed.”

Anyway, now that Bieber’s got this deeper new voice, let’s hear him take a shot at some appropriately titled AC/DC songs, to show Tina Fey he’s a man now, and not “a dreamy Christmas elf” as she recently described him. Obviously he’d need to start with Bon Scott’s double entendre-filled ode to high society parties, ‘Big Balls,’ from their 1976 ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap’ album.

From there, we’d move on to ‘She’s Got Balls‘ from ‘High Voltage’ earlier that same year, and then jump all the way forward to 1990 and the Brian Johnson-sung ‘Got You by the Balls.’ For good measure, he could cover Accept’s ‘Balls to the Walls‘ as well. We’re not saying we’d buy this collection, mind you, but it would sure crack us up.

Watch a Video for AC/DC’s ‘Big Balls’

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