Many of us here in Shelby share a "communal dumpster," in addition to the individual roll out containers. The City of Shelby reminds us to be considerate of our neighbors & garbage collector when we fill Mr. Dumpster. Large items that hang all out & over the edges prohibit our garbage collector from picking up the dumpster & dumping it the right way. Tree branches take up so much space in the dumpster that our poor neighbors have a difficult time jamming in their "regular" garbage so that it fits! By the way...items left near the dumpster can't be picked up by the driver. Don't worry about a thing...our local landfill has a LARGE container for tree branches & compostable materials. If you don't have the where-with-all to take a large item to the landfill (or if you're lazy like "me,") please call the City Shop at 434 5564 for help. I almost missed my garbage man this week...I came running out of the house with my garbage in hand. I heard the truck pull up. I yelled out to the driver, "Am I too late for the garbage," & the driver says, "No, Puffman, hop right in!!

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