No, not me, though I'm sure I have a great one. Tomorrow (Sat) morning, on Puff Man Sports Trivia, I'll have a real coffee table presentation, "An Authentic Montana Voice: The Architecture and Art of Phil Korell," up for grabs. Mark Gelernter, has put this beautiful presentation book that illustrates how the designs of architect Phil Korell, authentically reflects Montana's distinctive landscapes & culture. Don't worry about a thing, the book ain't highbrow or highfalutin or anything, & explains how architect Phil Korell, does this for anyone who wants to create equally authentic designs for their own circumstances. I'm considering my man cave in my basement! Check out this read from the University of Montana Press, or Farcountry Publishing, in Helena, at, & then listen to WIN Saturday morning at 7:30, on Puff Man Sports Trivia, the authentic sports trivia!

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