This Saturday morning's Puffman Sports Trivia, & tomorrow morning, the book I have up for grabs is, "Big Medicine; The Cost of Corporate Control and How Doctors and Patients Working Together Can Rebuild a Better System." Dr. Elaina George, MD is the author & she's a Board Certified Otolaryngolist! In "Big Medicine," Dr. George submits that practicing physicians had no meaningful influence on the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Patients, likewise, according to Dr. George, lacked input into ObamaCare. She writes that the time has come for a practicing physician to explain the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on patients, & in a broader sense on our United States healthcare system. That's why she wrote the book I'll be giving away to the first correct caller in on Puffman Sports Trivia, & thanks to Jerry-The-Barber, I have a GREAT sports trivia question on the infamous Joe Pepitone. See you tomorrow morning at 7:30 for Puffman Sports Trivia. Check out "Big Medicine" from Alethos Press at: & then listen to WIN!

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