The tragic events of yesterday have placed the film industry (and those who write about it) on shaky ground. This is the business of entertainment and entertainment reporting and let’s face it: with twelve people dead and dozens more wounded, the last thing anyone on either side of the Hollywood fence wants to think about is entertainment. Out of respect for the victims of and their families, it is starting to look like box office numbers will not be officially reported this weekend.

Warner Bros. has already announced that it will not report the weekend grosses for ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ and it looks like the other studios and Rentrak (the company that collects box office numbers from individual theaters) are preparing to follow suit, a uniform gesture of sympathy for all of those affected by the tragedy. At a time when moviegoers may be struggling with the very thought of returning to their local theater, it’s the least they could…announcing that they’ve made millions of dollars at the box office in the wake of this shooting just feels plain wrong.

It goes without saying that were will probably not be the usual Weekend Box Office Report this weekend. Our thoughts remain with the victims and their families. We can play catch-up on the numbers next week. In the meantime, tell someone you love them and go see a movie.

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