The U-S House has passed a budget bill that will most likely end the threat of another government shutdown and a lot of meaningless chatter over the next month, but some voted against the bill saying it's just another Band-Aid on the gash of the countries financial condition.

U-S Representative Steve Daines of Montana voted against the bill.  Quoted in the Great Falls Tribune he says, "rather than taking serious and needed steps to address Washington's spending addiction and growing debt, this budget relies largely on spending cuts, many years from now, to offset immediate spending increases."   Daines concluded, We need to continue working toward real solutions.

Even more direct was Libertarian Gary Johnson says Republicans and Democrats are proudly claiming that the budget will reduce the deficit by $20 Billion!   Johnson asks, "Are we supposed to be impressed?"  The deficit for 2013 alone is $700-billion and of course the total debt is more than $17-Trillion.

Oh well!  Print some more money.