With the upcoming State of the Union address, Montana Congressman Dennis Rehberg had this to say about his perception of the role of elected officials in his press release this morning.

“In a representative government, the role of the elected official is to listen first, and then act. Public servants must realize the mandate of leadership comes from the people, not the government. An elected official’s job isn’t simply to sell us their personal vision for the future, it’s to help build our shared vision together. After two long years of overspending to pay for bigger and more intrusive government mandates, I hope that President Obama will change his tune and stand with the American people against business-as-usual in Washington.”

via Rehberg Hopes State of the Union Speech Reflects American Ideals, Not Washington Priorities.

You can hear President Obama's speech on KSEN this evening beginning at 7pm.  Tune in and then let us know what you think!