We're kicking off our sports coverage at 10 o'clock TOMORROW (Thursday) morning on KZIN FM K 96, from Bozeman with state volleyball as we follow all the Choteau & Fairfield action! High school football hits our airwaves Saturday afternoon with Flint Creek paying a visit to Shelby with a 12:45 airtime on KSEN AM 1150. Over on the FM Saturday afternoon, we'll be broadcasting Big Fork direct from Fairfield commencing at 12:50. Of course, the Bobcats & Griz are in play too, & we'll catch up with the Cats Saturday afternoon around 3:30 on the AM IMMEDIATELY following the Flint Creek/Shelby game, while over on the FM, we'll broadcast the Griz from Idaho, with a 4 o'clock start time. Carolina's on our mind too as they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers when our NFL FUN starts tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 6 o'clock on the AM. This Sunday's NFL game will be Dallas at Philadelphia with a 5:30 broadcast time on our AM. Next Monday night, we'll go out to the "City by the Bay" when the New York Giants play San Francisco IMMEDIATELY following our Action Packed 5 O'Clock News Hour on KSEN. Local, stateside & national sports all come to play on KSEN AM 1150, & KZIN FM K 96 for another SPECTACULAR SPORTS WEEKEND!

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