Between falling stock prices, continued privacy concerns and an admission that a good chunk of its profiles are fake, Facebook has had a rough few months. But before you drop your Facebook account, consider this: employers may view potential hires who aren’t on the social network as suspicious.

According to an article in Forbes, some companies believe that not having a Facebook profile is a red flag for potential hires because it suggests that they recently deactivated an account which was full of incriminating information.

Furthermore, anti-social and psychotic behavior is increasing being tied to those who avoid social media. For example, a German magazine recently made the point that both Aurora, Colorado theater shooter James Holmes and Norwagian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik were unusual  because they didn’t have Facebook profiles.

And if that wasn’t enough, during a recent discussion of dating in the digital age on Slate, a tech expert suggested you should be wary of going out with someone who isn’t on Facebook because, again, they are probably hiding something.

What do you think? Is someone who isn’t on Facebook inherently suspicious? Or are they just a luddite who has no desire to look at your vacation photos?

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