I believe that our community of Shelby was recycling before it was the "in thing" to do. Probably the credit to our mayor, His Worship-The Honorable Larry J. Bonderud, who even has initials behind his name. Our Shelby Recycle Meeting is scheduled for tonight (Monday) at 6 SHARP up at Shelby City Hall. If you haven't attended one of these meetings before, i encourage you to check it out...New members are always welcome. Speaking of "recycle"...Recycle Shelby invites you to bring your out-dated, unused, and old electronics to a FREE E-waste collection event next Wednesday, August 15th from 4 to 7. (I'm considering hauling down some of the old radio station equipment we have out in the back room!). This E-waste collection effort will be at the Toole County Transit Garage adjacent to our Subway restaurant in Shelby. Lorette Carter, our community development director, will be joining me on the Puffman Show this Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 to share more on the E-waste collection event. And by the way mayor Bonderud, next time you run for office, I'll be sure to "recycle" you for another term!

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