I'm going to be checking with Peter Franklin/aka/The Gabby Cabby later this afternoon (Thursday) around a quarter to 5 on the Puffman Show to see what the driver of the yellow conveyance lounge is up to for Thanksgiving. Speaking of Gabby AND Thanksgiving...there are some 20 recipes posted in Mrs. Gabby's kitchen for the holiday. All the good woman's recipes can be made with or without gluten & with or without lactose. Mrs. Gabby set up these recipes with an introduction & all in a group so it will be easy for you to find & use them rather than having to search throughout the blog. I'm not sure how to get to their blog...some days I'm not even sure how to get to MY blog (!) but check out Pete's True Tales website at: gabby.com & then tune in this afternoon during the 4 o'clock hour on the Puffman Show for some real life Thanksgiving True Tales live & direct from the streets of New York City.