Montana Winds Pottery is owned by Wayne and Laurie Anderson.  The Andersons were born and reared in the sleepy little railroad town of Whitefish, MT where they attended school together. As a child, Wayne discovered he could build lumber mills, trucks, and animals from the clay he found on his family’s small farm.   After graduation from high school, Wayne graded lumber at J. Neils Lumber Co. in Libby, MT for 4 years.  Later, his interest in clay work was renewed while majoring in both art and English at Western Montana College in Dillon, Montana.  Both Wayne and Laurie taught along the Rocky Mountain front until Wayne retired after enjoying 37 years of teaching

Wayne has been making and selling pottery at various art and craft shows since 1967.  This pottery represents the raw beauty and quiet grandeur of our surroundings, and offers everything from the perfectly sized and shaped mug for everyday use, to lovely accent pieces.  Wayne designs and hand throws each piece of pottery, adds textures and distinctive handles to utilitarian ware, or recreates scenes from nature or Montana history on decorative pieces.

Laurie makes glazes with a variety of chemicals, does hand-crafted pieces, and is studio assistant.  She sees that all functional ware at Montana Winds Pottery is food safe, oven safe, and microwavable.

You will find Wayne and Laurie making pottery at Montana Winds Pottery, 312 S Main Street Suite D in Conrad where they enjoy visiting with former students and getting to know fellow pottery lovers, or glazing and firing their pottery at their home studio.

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