This is the title of our NEW read for Montana History up at the Marias Heritage Center, & I'll be there tonight (Tuesday) at 6 SHARP to read & share more Montana History. This tome looks like a GREAT one too...I agree with Homer Homer Hickman from the Rocket Boys & October Sky. Mr. Hickman raves writer "Susan Kushner Resnick has done a marvelous & very difficult thing. Through her fine research & wonderful prose, she has captured the heart & soul of an American town that was brilliantly alive until the day a sudden disaster all but killed it." That "town" is Bearcreek, Montana. We'll be reading & learning of the townspeople IN Bearcreek & the days leading up to the underground explosion & fire on February 27, 1943, which killed 75 of the 78 men on the day shift in the coal mine. The "Story-Behind-The-Story" this evening during more Montana History at the Heritage.

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