Happy Valentine's Day!  Over the weekend we experienced the Rocky Mountain Wind first hand.  First off, while driving to Heart Butte for a Jr. high Girls Volleyball game we took the Birch Creek Road to BIA Rte 1.

After about a mile on the extremely icy BIA Road we ran across the  Shelby School bus with the rear end off the side of the road and stuck Big Time.  Nobody could pass with the bus on the road and even if the bus wasn't there, the packed down drift was impassable.

The Shelby Coaches and bus Driver Wade Welker said they had been told the road was open on Friday afternoon, but on the scene several local people said it was closed and there was a sign at Birch Creek but it had blown away.

The people that helped get the bus out were impressive.  I've always wanted to be the kind of person who takes charge when something needs done, but I fall short.   These guys didn't.   They brought a tractor out from the nearby ranch and after scraping roads to get some traction and some digging, the rear end of the bus was brought back up on the highway and away it went....The other direction of course.

The Volleyball games were played about an hour and a half late.  Congratulations to the Shelby girls who won both matches and Congratulations to the people around Heart Butte because they couldn't have been any nicer.

Special Thanks to Mike & Rick Stone and Grinnell Day Chief.  These were the guys that took charge and got the job done and many others helped.

We did think that the bus was going to blow over sideways on the way home on U-S 89, North to the Browning Y.  Once we headed East there was a big savings on gas mileage.

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