I'm sure you've all read something about the relocation of Bison from Yellowstone to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. We all know there is plenty of controversy surrounding the move, as well as how (and when) it was done. Ranchers and farmers have legitimate concerns, while the existence of Bison on the range in Montana is not new. The judge at the Blaine County Courthouse in Chinook is hearing arguments as I write this. The hearing was expected to take four hours and was the result of a restraining order files by several area ranchers, Valley County Commissioners and state Senator Rick Ripley. Their concern? Property damage caused by the wild animals. They want to stop the state from shipping any more bison to the area from Yellowstone. They also feel the state was very secretive about the move. The question remains whether Bison can co-exist with cattle (and ranchers) along the Hi-Line. What do you think?