The weekend comes early to North Central Montana this week! Teachers are heading off to MEA, so we'll get an early start. Our schedule has changed some this week, so double check after the jump:

  • KSEN - Wednesday - HS FB Cut Bank at Shelby 6:45 pm
  • KZIN - Wednesday - HS FB CJI at Simms 7:15 pm
  • KSEN Thursday - NFL New York Jets at New England 6:00 pm
  • KZIN Friday - HS FB Fairfield at Conrad 6:45 pm
  • KZIN Saturday - CFB UC Davis at U of Montana  11:30 am
  • KSEN Saturday - CFB Weber State at Montana State 3:00 pm
  • KSEN Sunday - NFL Cincinnati  at Indianapolis 10:30 am
  • KSEN Sunday - NFL San Francisco at Denver 5:30 pm
  • KSEN Monday Houston at Pittsburgh  5:45 pm

Tune in!

  • KSEN Sunday - NFL Chicago at Carolina 10:30 am
  • KSEN Sunday - NFL Cincinnati at New England 5:30 pm
  • KSEN Monday - NFL Indianapolis at Houston 5:45 pm

Don't forget - we can't be at every game and we want to know what's going on at YOUR game - text us 406-470-4817, Post the scores to our Facebook page or even Tweet us.  We'll try to keep everyone up to date on the latest in action from all over the state - we just need a little help from you.