The ol' Puffman's memory doesn't seem to be what it was once...I simply FORGOT to call the Gabby Cabby this week & ask him to recount & share his infamous Christmas story of when years back he was driving in the dead & cold of night in rural backwoods eastern Pennsylvania on Christmas Eve & there were NO places to stop & eat in order that the Gab Man's family could enjoy a warm Christmas dinner. It was a truly sad saga which fortunately had a wonderful ending...right up there with "Miracle On 34th Street". That said, I WILL be calling Long Distance Live to New York this afternoon (Friday) on the Puffman Show to wish the Driver of the Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge a belated Merry Christmas along with a Happy New Year. Plus, I'll be checking in with Pete to find out what's happening right now on the streets of New York City. He's a swell he is...his bark is worse than his bite...&  he always has a Ton of True Tales, not to mention that he gives wonderful "family friendly" tours of the Big Apple. Check out his True Tales at: & get prepared to kick the slats out of your cradle this afternoon around 4:35 when Peter Franklin is ON THE AIR! He's a regular laugh riot.