I'm blogging about SPORTS! We're all fired up to broadcast both the girls AND boys Shelby at Cut Bank basketball games beginning at 5:50 this afternoon on KSEN AM 1150. Over in the NFL this weekend, the Minnesota Vikings take on the Packers in Green Bay, & we'll have coverage of the game Saturday night on our AM beginning at 6 o'clock SHARP!. Sunday morning, we're set to go with the Atlanta & New Orleans game on our AM with a 10:30 broadcast time. We've scheduled one of our favorite sports shows too, The NFL Today, for 5:30 Sunday afternoon/evening on our AM. And dig this, if you're a sports fan like I am, we have a special CHRISTMAS treat for you come Monday, Christmas Day...We start our NFL coverage at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon when the Pittsburgh Steelers "steal away" down to Texas to take on the Houston Oilers. When the Steelers (GO STEELERS!) are done having FUN, we'll air the Oakland at Philadelphia game at 6 o'clock on our AM. Merry Christmas from me, Jerry 'SPORTS" Puffer.

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