I'll be giving away a really cool "Children's book" tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia. The book is, "My Fur-ever Family," & I LOVE the title & the cute little puppy on the cover! "My Fur-ever Family" was written by Lisa Overcash & beautifully illustrated by Julie Anderson In the book, a shy Yorkshire Terrier puppy is ready to be adopted. She's a little afraid to leave her brothers & sisters, until a sweet mommy with a happy voice cuddles her & takes her home. The puppy (the protagonist for you older folks) learns that she has a big new family with 4 human sisters! As she begins her new adventure, she longs to be loved & to be given a very special name. At long last, I'm FINALLY giving away a book in which I know all the words & can fully understand. I just knew this day would come! Check this little gem out from Embracing Life Press; Durham, NC, OR email Lisa at: lforevercash@mail.com. There are some GOOD life lessons in here for all of us too. To make things even EASIER on myself, I've come up with a sports trivia question that can be answered simply with a true or false. How's that! See you Saturday morning on Puffman Sports Triva or as the cute little puppy says on the cover of Lisa's & Julie's book, "Woof, Woof."

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