9 Items To Avoid When Visiting A Montana Garage Sale

When I was younger, my mother and I would go visit my great-grandmother and spend the night. Her favorite thing to do on the weekends we stayed was to stop by as many garage sales as possible.

At the time, I hated every minute of looking at other people's "junk." Today I LOVE going to garage sales and seeing what bargains I can find.

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Why Garage Sales In Montana Can Be A Good Thing

There are a couple reasons why I love going to garage sales here in Montana.

My wife and I love what you could call "retro" or "vintage" items and decor, which you can find plenty of at garage sales.

Another reason I love them, besides the savings, is to reduce my consumerism.

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A woman holds up the money she made at her garage sale

It's Garage Sale Season In Montana

As we come out of hibernation from winter in Montana, my family, like many other families, starts to look at the items that are taking up space and think about how to reduce clutter.

Holding a garage sale is a great way for people to unload some unwanted items for a little extra cash instead of just throwing them away.

That said, there are some items people try to sell that, no matter how great the deal, should just be left alone. 👇

9 Items You Should Absolutely NEVER Buy at a Montana Garage Sale

According to the experts, these are nine items you should skip even if the price is right!

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