The Strange Discussion About Montana Transplants

I know this is a bit of taboo topic, talking about transplants from outside of Montana moving here.

There is just something bothering me about the way they are talked about, and not because I myself am a transplant.

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Transplants Are Blamed For Everything Wrong In Montana

I read a lot of news articles online and the one thing they always tell you, is to never read the comments.

One of the main comments or arguments you hear is that all these transplants have left their blue states and moved here to vote and change Montana into what they left behind.

And I'm sorry, I just don't see that.

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The Shift I See Is The Complete Opposite

The state that is the boogie man when it comes to transplants in Montana is California and has been for quite sometime.

Comments I read are about how they escaped that blue state hellhole, but came to Montana only to vote in Democrats. That ignores the fact that there are over 5 million registered Republicans in California. Did none of them leave the state?

Also, last I checked the Republicans held a supermajority in the Legislature. They also have the offices of the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and plenty more.

Montana is DEEP red now, where for years this state prided itself on being purple.

So that is where I get confused when reading these comments, because reality just doesn't jive with what I'm reading.

Do you agree that the people moving here probably aren't all voting Democrat? Let me know your thoughts on the matter through our app.

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Friends, Not Foes

Contrary to the bad rap they so often receive, California transplants bring a lot to the table here in Montana.

From their environmentally-savvy ways to how much they support local and family-owned businesses, Californians have several positive attributes that contribute to and enhance Montana living.

🙂 Before you dismiss the idea entirely, give the gallery below a scroll and let these 17 examples sink in.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Valenzuela

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