What You Need To Know About Slapped Cheek Syndrome In Montana

If you are of a certain age, I am going to assume that your parents knowingly and willingly infected you with chickenpox.

When my mom found out my cousin had gotten chickenpox, she scheduled a play date with him, and shortly after, I too was suffering from the disease.

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A young child with chicken pox all over their back

What Are The Signs Of Slapped Cheek Syndrome In Montana

Thankfully, today there is a vaccine to prevent chickenpox, not to mention that most parents no longer purposefully expose their children to it.

However, there is another childhood disease that can easily spread from child to child and quickly take over a school in Montana.

It's called Slapped Cheek Syndrome, which gets its name from the red rash that develops on your child's cheek.

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A boy with a rash on his face is looked at by a doctor

Slapped Cheek Syndrome Can Spread Quickly

Slapped Cheek Syndrome, also known as fifth disease, is a virus called parvovirus B19 and is thus spread by coughing, sneezing, or touching contaminated items.

The worst part about this disease is that you are spreading it without even knowing you have it, as most people don't realize they are infected until the rash appears.

It starts with a runny nose and a fever, then the rash will appear on the cheeks, which, after a couple days, can spread to the chest, back, and even all the way down their legs.

The rash will last about 1 to 3 weeks and, thankfully, is rare in adults, although it can be more serious.

Get more information regarding Slapped Cheek Syndrome from the CDC by clicking here.

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