It's beginning to seem like new federal regulations are coming down the pipe almost weekly. Whether it's regarding student loans, immigration, or climate initiatives, laws and regulations have certainly changed drastically. The goal is not to talk politics here, but I did get to thinking: Could new climate initiatives eliminate grilling in Montana?

Future Of Grilling In Montana

I get it; the thought of not being able to grill in Montana is crazy, but take a look at states like New York and California. That is closer to reality than you might think. A prime example is California's recent ban on single-use propane cans. Evidently, you're still able to use them, just not by them in the state.

Interestingly enough, this ban has more to do with waste than emissions. It does make you wonder, though, if the ban could expand to other states, especially since the state of Montana is already facing one climate lawsuit. I'm never opposed to looking at better or more efficient ways to do things. However, a widescale ban with very few backup options seems overkill.

Camping In Montana

Single-use propane bottles are the lifeblood of almost any outdoor activity. We use them at camp for everything from lights, heat, and grilling. Without these handy little propane bottles, the camp would look a lot different.

I feel like we're pretty sheltered from an all-out ban on single-use propane bottles here in the Treasure State. But then again, who knows? As I already mentioned, the state is facing a climate lawsuit as we speak.

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