Cicadapocalypse 2024; Will It Happen In Montana?

We keep hearing about it, but will it happen in Montana? Do we even have Cicadas in Montana, or is that just a southern thing?

I can't find anything that says Montana will be caught in the huge Cicadapocalypse that they say could start as soon as May this year.

Cicada Montana

What is "The Cicadapocalypse"?

It's expected that over a trillion Cicadas will emerge from the ground this spring looking to eat and mate. The life span looks to be 3 to 5 WEEKS.

From Scientific American:

" 2024 will see two separate batches of periodical cicadas emerge en masse, spread across much of the eastern half of the U.S. These insects crawl out of the ground once every 13 or 17 years for a rush of mating and egg-laying until all the adults die, and the next generation is tucked underground until their own teenage years. It’s an unusual but ancient lifecycle that has become part of the fabric of Eastern U.S. forests. And it will be on full display this spring, with both a 13-year brood and a 17-year brood emerging across adjoining territories—a particularly rare occurrence."

Does Montana Have Cicadas?

Missoula Butterfly House says that Montana has 17 different species of Cicadas.  They are in the ground from 2-5 years feeding on the roots of trees.  Only male Cicadas make the sounds.

Montana Cicadas should start coming out of the ground in May.

They don't eat crops or bite people.  Like I said before, they live in the ground, come above ground, eat, mate, (lay eggs for females), die. Oh and pee.  There seems to be some concern over Cicada pee in the Cicadapocalypse. (It's in the gallery below)

A co-worker at 103.7 The Hawk in Billings (an awesome rock station, FYI) says that they're great for fishing.  Other people told me that trout love a Cicada.

Cicada hook Montana

Cicadas Will Pee on You

Photos of a Cicada Breaking Free from Its Shell

The Brood X cicadas are emerging after seventeen years and they're shedding their larva shells all over the tristate. Here's what it looks like as they do it!

Gallery Credit: Chadwick J Benefield

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