Bob Dylan brought out a guest guitarist for the final show of his Rough and Rowdy Ways tour: Jimmie Vaughan.

The concert took place on Saturday evening in Austin, Texas. Dylan introduced Vaughan, who replaced Doug Lancio, just before the band broke into "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight." Vaughan stayed on stage for three more songs, "My Own Version of You," "Crossing the Rubicon" and "To Be Alone With You," before Lancio returned.

You can hear Vaughan's segment of the show below.

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Dylan and Vaughan have performed live together before, and Vaughan also appeared as a guest on Dylan's 1990 album, Under the Red Sky, along with his brother Stevie Ray Vaughan, who died in a helicopter crash the month before the album was released.

"Well, [Dylan] called and asked for Stevie and I to come play together, the way I remember it," Jimmie Vaughan recalled of those sessions to in 2013, "so we went out to L.A. and spent an afternoon in the studio with him. And he wouldn't tell us what song it was, he would just start playing the piano and singing a song, and the bass player and the drummer were there, and we would just sort of jam it out for a minute and then record it like five minutes or something. It was very casual. Very quick. And not too much instruction. 'What would you do here?' he said. [Laughs]."

Dylan has no further Rough and Rowdy Ways concerts planned. Instead he'll be on the road again starting in June, joining Willie Nelson's Outlaw Festival tour.

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