The jury is now deliberating in the negligent homicide trial of Geoffrey Santoro of Kevin. Santoro is charged with killing Levi Rowell when he ran over him with his pickup truck in the parking lot of the Vet's Club in Sunburst in August 2013.

In closing arguments this morning the defense attorney again attempted to portray Santoro as that of an individual that was trying to avoid a fight and "chose to retreat from Levi Rowell by using his truck and tried to get away" from Rowell. Prosecuting attorney, Chad Parker, however, painted a much different pictures saying that Geoffrey Santoro created the risk of killing three people and did kill one. In his words, Santoro "Chose death for Levi Rowell".

Parker described the choking that defense attorneys claimed was responsible for Santoro trying to get away, as a fantasy. Parker also said that Santoro's pickup ran over Rowell going backward first and then forward so even if there was any justification for flooring it and seeing three victims scatter along the ground , there was absolutely no rational reasoning for going forward.

Both Santoro and Rowell were known to have been drinking in the Vet's Club when the argument ensued and Parker also said that Santoro had evidence of marijuana in his system.

The twelve person jury began their deliberations around 10:30 this (Thursday) morning.