The negligent homicide trial of Geoff Santoro of Kevin continued into it's third day this morning at Toole County District Court. Santoro is charged with running over Levi Rowell and killing him after the two argued in the parking lot of the Vets Club in Sunburst. Testimony included an expert witness called by the defense to try to determine if Santoro suffered injury from being choked by Rowell. The defense claims that Rowell was choking Santoro when Santoro threw his truck in reverse and accelerated causing Rowell's death.

Santoro took the witness stand in the afternoon and testified that he was upset when he left the bar that night because of the bantering that was going on was all being directed "to me". Santoro admitted he was angry because as he was leaving, he made the comment that as a veteran he couldn't even get a drink in a veteran's club. He continued on saying he guessed he was not even welcome in a veterans and "None of you are even veterans". At that time, court records indicate, Rowell stated calmly, "neither are you Geoff".

Outside the bar, Santoro contended that Rowell attacked him, putting his hands around his neck and was trying to pull him out of his pickup. He said he was scared to death when he hit the accelerator in reverse and ran over Rowell.

The jury was released this afternoon and will receive jury instructions, hear closing arguments and will most likely begin deliberating the case tomorrow (Thursday) morning.