We're going to start TONIGHT (Wednesday) with the Shelby @ Choteau volleyball game...7 o'clock on our FM. Local & LIVE high school  comes to play Friday evening with Shelby @ Belt on our AM at 6:45. Saturday afternoon, Valier @ Denton-Geyser-Stanford (in Stanford) on the AM, while Choteau plays @ Centerville on the FM. Broadcast time for BOTH games/BOTH stations is 12:45. We didn't forget about the Griz...they're playing at Sacramento State, & we'll start our FM coverage at 6:30 Saturday night. Sunday night at 6, there's NFL ACTION with Philly @ Dallas at 6 on the AM. More NFL on the AM Monday evening at 5:30 immediately following our Action Packed 5 O'clock News Hour with New England playing the New York Jets at 5:30. If THIS isn't a real sports weekend, I don't know what is, & my middle name IS "Sports."

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