(Billings) – Since he hasn’t had the exposure that Denny Rehberg or Jon Tester have had, you may not know much about the other republican US Senate candidate in Montana. Once you do hear from him it is pretty clear where he stands on the issues. Teske appeared on the Northern Ag Net’s “Voices of Montana this morning.    When asked about touch issues such as same-sex marriage, Teske was not shy about saying “homosexuality doesn’t  find favor with our creator.” He referred to genesis where it says man will leave his home and marry a woman.  Teske said, “It’s the way god intended it.” He referred to the New Testament in explaining his pro-life position saying, god knew us before we were in the womb and when a country determines they have the right to take life young or old, there’s no turning back.

On war and jobs, Teske speaks first about Afghanistan and says it’s not really a war.“it’s a police state.   We never declared war.  We’ve been there for 10 years and we have no mission. We need a mission, go in and fight it, don’t nation-build and get it over with.”  He said.

On jobs, he says, “the government needs to get out of the way.    Obama has manipulated the system, stacked the deck, created winners and losers.    He said small businessmen are fearful of spending their dollars to create jobs.

Teske also took a swipe at career politicians who he said “keep kicking the can down the road,” with their addiction to spending. Teske was born in Havre and graduated from Chinook high school. He has owned an irrigation farm in Terry the past 15 years.

By the way, the American Center for Law and Justice says Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion business, taking more than 300-thousand babies’ lives every year, committing an abortion every 95 seconds. According to the ACLJ Planned Parenthood’s atrocities are paid for with a $1 billion dollar annual budget.   With nearly half of that budget coming from our tax dollars.

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