Tomorrow (Sat) morning on Puff Man Sports Trivia, Happy Jack, will sit in for me in the Air Chair. "Happy" will have a 2024 Montana Calendar, from Farcountry Press, in Helena,, up for grabs for the 1st caller with the correct answer to his sports trivia question...Happy Jack KNOWS sports! This is one beautiful calendar with breathtaking Montana outdoor shots. Don't take my word for it, check out this stunning presentation from Farcountry Press at With 12 breathtaking Treasure State outdoor pictures (1 for each month) of our Big Sky, you'll be wishing there was another month or 2 left in the year by the time next December rolls around! Hang this baby on your kitchen wall, & your property value will probably go right through the roof. Puff Man Sports Trivia, with Happy Jack, Saturday morning, at 7:30, where the WINNING is only beginning, so's the "happiness."

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