In my opinion, a person actually CAN eat too much turkey but I don't think you can ever get enough of the good ol' NFL! Our "Sports Spotlight" is on the NFL this holiday weekend. We're broadcasting the Minnesota & Detroit game this morning/afternoon (Thursday) on our AM. This evening, we're set to air the New York Giants at Washington with the broadcast kicking off at 6 o'clock STRAIGHT UP on KSEN AM 1150. The NFL Preview show's going to run THIS Sunday morning at 9 on our AM, followed by the NFL Today at 9:30. Sunday afternoon, we'll air the New Orleans game. They'll be out in LA taking on the Rams with a start time of 1:45. Come 5:30 on Sunday, we'll have the Green Bay at Pittsburgh action. GO STEELERS! We won't be done having FUN either...Monday night's the Houston at Baltimore game commencing at 5:45  following our Action Packed 5 O'clock News Hour on KSEN AM 1150. If you ask me, Thanksgiving weekend to dine is always fine but the NFL's SWELL on KSEN!

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