Dakota Redasa, a 28 year old Cut Bank man who escaped arrest after an alleged standoff with police on Monday was arrested Tuesday evening without incident.

Police were called to a residence on the southwest side of Cut Bank on Monday morning around 10:30 after a domestic disturbance was reported.  His girlfriend reported to police that Redasa had fired a shot inside the residence.

Police believed Redasa to be inside the residence and cordoned off a one-block area around the house. Based on calls made to family members by Redasa, he may not have been in the residence after police arrived.

On Tuesday evening, according to Officer Mike Schultz of the Cut Bank Police Department, police followed a tip that Redasa was at a residence in Cut Bank.  Around 8:30pm, Tuesday evening, police made contact with Redasa and arrested him without incident.Redasa is facing a felony charge of criminal endangerment.