Having been in the radio business for a lot of years and a live DJ for just about as long, one of the main questions always on the table is what music does the audience want to hear.

A national radio consulting firm said this week that every 10-15 minutes should be representative of your station and stations should lose weaker songs, in any given period, but not the best-tested titles.   They also say that prime hours of the day deserve the prime songs.

In our specific area of Montana it can be extremely difficult to know what our listeners favorites our because we don't conduct extensive surveys. That is partly why I'm writing this blog.....TO HEAR ANYTHING WE CAN FROM YOU.....ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE SONGS, SONGS THAT YOU HEAR TOO MUCH OR SONGS YOU NEVER HEAR BUT WOULD LIKE TO.   Our AM station 1150 is a mix of music from the 50's thru the 90's and our FM - 96.7 is all country, except in the morning until 9 am and at noon and 5 PM.

I would love to hear from you and even if you just want to throw out a request send it to my e-mail markdaniels@townsquaremedia.com.

By the way, The Lund Consultants say that last week's Nielsen ratings show that "radio's audience is 9 times that of Pandora and 17 times that of Spotify."    "Among millennials, radio reaches 93-percent......that's 22-percent more than TV.   Advertisers may want to consider that radio reaching your customers is a darn good bet.