Denny Rehberg would like to have states handle wolf management from here on out.  According to Congressman Rehberg in a recent press release:

“The gray wolf isn’t endangered, which is why Republicans and Democrats alike are joining forces to end the misuse of the Endangered Species Act to advance extremist policy agendas,” said Rehberg, a rancher from Billings. “I heard from thousands of Montanans, and folks get it. They know that states are better at managing our own local wildlife than the federal government thousands of miles away. Unless there’s a darn good reason – and there’s not – the federal government has no business getting involved. Years of research, dedicated efforts by land owners and local officials, and the expert opinions of on-the-ground wildlife managers have been given a back seat to profit-motivated environmental groups. We need to end this abuse and solve an issue that should have been put to rest years ago.”

via Rehberg Legislation Seeks to Return Wolf Management Authority to the States.

I tend to agree with Denny on this one.  Shouldn't a problem that really only affects certain areas of the country, be handled by the people who live and work in those areas?  I believe that government at the most local possible level is the best.  What do you think?