You don't have to tell me...I'm the Puffman. "Simple: Conquering the Crisis Of Complexity" is the new read (on sale April 2nd) from some world-renowned advisors who have faced down lawyers, businessmen, & government bureaucrats, a groundbreaking & invaluable guide to achieving clarity, transparency, & empathy to drive bottom line results & enhance the customer experience. Why am I reading this tome by Alan Siegel & Irene Etzkorn? I figure I might run for public office some day & this stuff may come in handy. There's some illuminating information in this publication from Twelve, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing...such as why the Flip Video camera became roadkill in the wake of the iPhone & what simple idea allowed the Cleveland Clinic to improve care & increase revenue, not to mention where Target got the idea for their ClearRX prescription system. No doubt about it, the NEXT big idea in business IS "simple". Check out the book at: & then be ready to drop some real "ice breakers" at your next cocktail party!