Happy New Year! I'll be up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby this evening (Tuesday) so I can read & share more Montana History. We're currently reading & enjoying the tome, "Stump Town to Ski Town." It's more than simply a book dealing with tree stumps too! It's the living history on the founding & development of Whitefish, Montana. I assume they initially came up with the name "Stump Town" because the future town site had been full of trees that somehow or someway ended up getting chomped down. Similar to what old George Washington did to his cherry tree (on a wide larger scale!) in early day America. Once they got rid of the tree stumps, the town of Whitefish seemed to spring into ACTION! That's "MY" take on the book, & I'll be at the Heritage for more Montana History commencing at 6 o'clock SHARP tonight!

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