I read that travelers can go to New York City, & for $22 a night, can stay/sleep in a parked van for $22 a night! You get a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline from across the East River in Queens. In fact, 1 couple rented a converted TAXI CAB for 1 night with their dog! This sure beats hotel prices back east in the big city. I'm planning on hooking up with Peter Franklin, aka, the Gabby Cabby, this afternoon (Tuesday) on the Puffman Show to get the "Story-Behind-The-Story" from the driver of the yellow mobile conveyance lounge. I also want to ask Pete about this Ooober service which is supposed to be like your own personal taxi cab. I'll find out more when the Gab Man is on the Puffman Show today at 4:35. Regardless of WHERE you stay in New York, be sure & check out one Pete's fabulous tours of the City. Check out his website at: gabby.com. His True tales are a laugh riot, plus, the man just finished his 2nd book & he's giving a FREE download of his 1st book (I'm in it!) which is on sale with such outlets as Amazon. Radio, television, print, internet...I like to think of Peter Franklin as truly "Multi-media!" See you later today with the Gabby Cabby on the Puffman Show.