We often hear our "Sanitation friend", Bubba, on the radio saying, "You dump it & we'll pump it." That's well & fine but when it comes to flushable wipes & shop towels, they're NOT allowed to be flushed down YOUR toilet. According to the "March City of Shelby Newsletter,"  flushable wipes & shop towels have caused the city of Shelby numerous calls the past few years. Most of the time, the poor Shelby resident's service line is plugged with this "stuff" because it doesn't degrade. Thus, the Shelby resident has to hire a plumber to unplug their service line. Flushable wipes & shop towers also plug up our sewer mains & cause problems at our lagoons. That's not good. There always seems to be some confusion for me on "lagoons" because the danged word sounds like "Legumes." While Legumes" are good to eat & good for you, "Lagoons" are NOT good when they end up with flushable wipes & shop towels. Be a RESPONSBILE Shelby resident & eat your vegetables & don't flush your wipes & towels.

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