That's the "story-behind-the-story in Timothy J. Korzep's latest tome released earlier this year by iUniverse. This action packed political thriller is titled "The Prophet's Alibi" and like all of Korzep's previous books, this one is another page turner and barn burner! In "The Prophet's Alibi", the President of the United States has been abducted. While meeting with other world leaders in a unified Europe, President Marge Haydon (she's a lady president) is among the members of the elite G-10 taken captive by militants who crash a peaceful luncheon. These terrorists are led by a mysterious man called "The Prophet" and now have control of some of the most powerful people in the world. I won't give away the ending, but suffice to say that our world must watch and wait as world leaders suffer hours of terror and the world approaches the brink of disaster...and we thought WE had problems having to put up with all the negative campaign ads these days. Writer Korzep brings a lot to the table when he pens a novel...the man was raised with a Wall Street Journal (that's the one without any comic strips) in his hands. In his working life, Tim found himself surrounded by managers, market strategists, and analysts, spending time in Paris, Milan, London and Hong Kong. I would have enjoyed interviewing Tim on the Puffman Show but I honestly felt the subject/book too fascinating to approach in only a 10 or 15 minute interview. I didn't think that I would do it justice. I mean, it's heavy stuff and a little bit more intricate and deeper than interviewing the Gabby Cabby. The book has rave reviews and I would encourage anyone who enjoys action-adventure-politics to grab a copy. It's available on Like many movies and/or books we read and see, who's to say this is something that CAN'T or WON'T happen someday. It IS possible. The ability of these the terrorists to wreak havoc across the globe at the push of a button is an effective plot device, and author Korzep uses it well and provides a detailed glimpse into the impact it would have on global markets. Sit back and let your imagination run wild. That's part of the fun in reading. Fasten your seat belts and check it out.

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