In conjunction with Glacier County’s Public Works Department, County Commissioners, and Disaster & Emergency Services we would like to alert all citizens in Glacier County to be extra careful driving on water logged roads. Ice jams have diverted water off stream including sheet flooding caused by the sudden warm up. If you approach a road that has water over it, do not pass or if you must, stop your vehicle and inspect the road. GC Public Works personnel have put signs up in some areas but some roads may not be marked. And some county roads have washed out and have been closed such as the northern part of Pardue road, the Ed Williams road, and parts of the Blackfoot Cut Across. More information will be forthcoming and you can check out Glacier County’s DES Facebook page for more updates. This is just the beginning of spring thaw and we may experience non-routine flooding so Glacier County is warning all citizens to be extra cautious because water over a road can be deceiving and more deteriorated than one thinks.

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