Montana Senator Jon Tester will soon be meeting with the AMTRAK liaison to seek a compromise in "re-staffing" our Montana AMTRAK stations with real Customer Service Agents, as opposed to these "part-time caretakers. NOT having full-time agents at our Shelby & Havre stations has eliminated a ton of needed services & accommodations. Plowing the station platforms, assisting the Builder with needed items & food, customer service & assistance to the elderly are just SOME of those services. I submit, bringing them back full-time is the ONLY way possible to get these much-needed services reinstated. THIS week, decisions pertaining to both our Shelby & Havre stations being manned again will be decided. I encourage you to email U.S. Senator Jon Tester at:, & let Senator Jon know of your concerns & your support for the reinstatement of full time agents down at Shelby AMTRAK, NOT these "part time caretakers, or whatever they calling themselves these days! Our Shelby AMTRAK is our LIFELINE here on the Hi-Line.

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