Our Montana-based nonprofit, Well Done Foundation, has announced their 2024 Montana Legacy Project, & commitment to plug 24 legacy orphan oil & gas wells, in both Toole & Glacier Counties, before this year's end. Since 2019, they've plugged more than 45 high-priority orphan wells in 5 states, with 25 of those wells located here in Toole, & Glacier. This nonprofit's mission is to fight climate change by plugging an estimated 2.15 million orphaned oil & gas wells in the United States. For more information, please visit welldonefoundation.org. As Curtis Shuck, founder & chairman of Well Done Foundation, says, Once part of the black gold boom in the 1920's in Montana, these oil & gas wells fell to economic hardship, became wards of the state & were designated "orphan wells." It may be true you never miss the water until the well goes dry, but we need to keep plugging. Well done, team!

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