It couldn’t have been a worse day to play softball in Shelby or Conrad, but play they did and it may have turned out to be the best game of the year.  Undefeated Shelby facing Glasgow.   They were supposed to play in the Conrad Invitational but fields were already to wet there by Friday morning, so it was on to Shelby where the fields hold a lot more water.

 Glasgow picked up four runs in the top of the 4th inning to break a 3-3 tie and went up 7-3, but Shelby picked up 1 in the 5th, two more in the 6th and 1 in the 7th to tie the game.  I was at the game so because of the excitement we gave a report on the air and were nearly in Play-by-Play mode, but I was doing all of this inside my pickup.  As it turned out I wasn’t quite sure of the number of outs and when Shelby had a runner cross the plate and a runner tagged out at 3rd, (which I thought was the second out) we figured the game was over and Shelby won.    It just so happened that it was  right at 2:00 and time for news, so we broke away thinking Shelby had won, but that runner tagged out at third was the third out and the run had not crossed the plate first, so you guessed it, the game was tied and proceeded on for another hour.

 All in all, it was a 3-hour game with temperatures in the 40’s, a constant bitter wind and a steady rainfall.    I have to tip my hat to the girls who looked miserable at times but from both teams, just kept battling on like a punch drunk fighter.

 Emily Christiaens pitched a great game but six runs by the Scotties who got a couple of nice hits and were aided by a couple of errors, finally did her in.   Shelby did get two more in the bottom of the tenth, but still fell by four runs.

 Great effort by the coaches, the umpires and fans for a 3-hour marathon in not so nice weather Friday afternoon.